Would You Date A Guy Who’s Bi?

I may be generalizing, but most guys are pretty into the idea of dating a girl who’s bisexual. Because, though it may never actually happen, you know that if your girlfriend likes chicks, there’s the potential there for not only some girl-on-girl action, but also possibly, some day, a threesome, that holy grail of male sexual experiences.

But what about the reverse? Are women into dating bisexual men? Totally impartial? Turned off? Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with bisexuality, but always have had the nagging feeling that being bi is basically just a pit stop on the road to gay. (Gay, for the record, is also a fine place, but not a place I’d want my boyfriend to wind up.)
So what’s a paranoid girl like me to do when she’s checking out the Facebook of the guy she’s going out with Saturday and sees that he’s “interested In” both men and women? Immediately, images of the guy making sweet, sweet gentleman love with every guy I know began flooding my head. Apparently, the fact that being bi doesn’t actually always mean you’re gay and that being gay certainly doesn’t mean you’ll have an orgy with all my friends escaped me for a moment.

Yet, I still can’t quite get the idea out of my head. Would you go out with a guy who’s bisexual?