Teens Getting High On Morning Glory Seeds?

Okay, I will totally admit it. Once when I was a teenager, my friend and I ate a whole lot of nutmeg because we heard it gives you a minor high. It didn’t work—we both ended up with really upset stomachs and orange tongues. So I’m not too surprised to hear that, these days, kids are chowing down on morning glory seeds. Evidently, the seeds contain a chemical called LSA that’s similar to what’s found in acid? A guy in Boston who runs a garden store noticed that lots of high schoolers were dropping by and buying morning glory seeds in bulk, supposedly for their moms. But then one kid squealed that they were actually crushing the seeds, soaking them in water, and drinking the resulting concoction. So now this guy has a strict policy—he won’t sell morning glory seeds to anyone under the age of 18. Even if they’re with a parent.

Drinking morning glory seed juice just doesn’t sound like a good idea. The seeds are treated with mercury and all kinds of other nasty chemicals that don’t do a body good. See the full report, after the jump. [My Fox Boston]