Summer Rain Gear That Won’t Make You Sweat

It has been raining on and off in New York for weeks and we are sick of it. It’s easy to prepare for cold weather rain: wellies, a water repellent jacket, massive black umbrella, and, for the really dedicated, a hat. But the task gets considerably more difficult when the pelting rain is combined with heat and humidity, aka The Perfect Storm of All Things That Make Women Look Messy, Terrible, and Grumpy. In the interest of keeping you dry both from rain and copious amounts of sweat, we’ve found a few summer appropriate, rain-resisting wardrobe staples. Here’s what you need…

  1. Jellies: Yeah, jellies. You need a solid, water proof shoe that won’t get ruined in the muck, will look halfway decent and isn’t a wellie because that much plastic in this much heat is a recipe for stanky foot disaster. [$87.50, See by Chloe, Shopbop]
  2. A Rain Scarf: Haven’t seen one of these since my babushka-loving grandma died, but I remain a firm believer in the power of the retro rain scarf. Get a vintage one from Etsy or Ebay and you’ll look retro kitschy instead of just dorky. [$5, Totes, Etsy]
  3. An Umbrella To Remind You Of Better Days: The world outside your blue sky-covered umbrella may be crap, but squint and limited your peripheral vision and you might almost believe it’s nice out, provided that you’re kind of tipsy and have poor eyesight. [$35, Tibor Kalman, MoMa Store]
  4. A Cute Poncho: “Cute” may be pushing it, but at least this one’s shaped more like a coat than a sack. That’s a start, right? And it folds into a teeny bag that will fit in any tote and most hand bags. [$14, MUJI, MoMa Store]