Sexy Test Drive: Booty Parlor Add Magic Lubricant

Anyone know a good shampoo to wash lubricant out of a shag rug? I’m exiling my current lube—K-Y Warming Jelly—to the back of the medicine cabinet after a rather lamentable carpet-related accident that I just don’t want to explain to my landlord. Now, my new love is Booty Parlor’s Add Magic water-based lube with its very clean packaging. Add Magic is neatly contained in a pretty spray-nozzle bottle and looks like perfume, in case you happen to leave it lying around when company comes. My guy and I are used to squeezing our lube out of a tube that honks that awful bluuuurp sound and wastefully spurts out way more lube than we needed, which usually means somebody’s sheets get lube wiped on ‘em. But with Add Magic, pump twice and you’re good to go! A gal literally only needs one finger to get as much lube as she needs.

My only complaints with Add Magic are that it proved to be spilled-Pepsi-sticky on whatever surface it dried, nor does it warm up like my K-Y did. But when I realized I’d whooped it up with zero damage on my PJs, sheets AND carpet, I didn’t care. [$10, Add Magic Lubricant, Booty Parlor]