Quickies! Joe Jonas Reveals Miley Cyrus Is Dating His Brother Nick

  • Joe Jonas slips up and reveals that his brother Nick and Miley Cyrus are dating (gag), during an interview with Larry King. [PopEater] — The awkwardness that ensues is almost too much to take (watch the video to get the full effect.)
  • Ryan Reynolds is a fine actor, but even more impressive are his style skills. The man is lookin’ suave. [Asylum] — To all the men out there, this is how you should dress.

  • Maxim will soon be heading to TV. The company is teaming up with E! to create a series of shows that are set to air before the end of the year. [Perez] —
  • I’ve had thoughts about my wedding (assuming I eventually get there), but never did I envision any of these, um, interesting ceremonies. [Lemon Drop] — I’m all for creativity, but for my wedding, I think I’ll take a simple, flattering dress, thank you very much.
  • Reading magazines is fun, but even more fun is analyzing them. Jezebel makes our life easier by critiquing this month’s Marie Claire for us. [Jezebel]