Is Perez Hilton A Traitor?

Earlier this month, when extremely explicit, triple-X photos of gay “Milk” screenwriter Dustin Lance Black were leaked onto the internet, Perez Hilton (real name: Mario Lavandeira) was one of the first bloggers to post them, in their NSFW entirety. Well, over on Huffington Post, Mike Alvear is calling Lavandeira a traitor for elevating Black “to the hook pinatas swing from” and that posting those photos — “guaranteed to repulse Straight America” — for everyone to see “took a guy who’s helping millions reconcile faith and family with their sexual orientation and turned him into a porn star.” I couldn’t agree more, but it should come as no surprise to anyone that Lavandeira is a creep. Black, as Alvear reminds us, delivered an incredibly moving Academy Award acceptance speech, directed at gay and transgendered youth. Black said:

“I think [Harvey Milk] would want me to say to all of the gay and lesbian kids out there tonight who have been told that they are less than by their churches, by the government or by their families, that you are beautiful, wonderful creatures of value and that no matter what anyone tells you, God does love you and that very soon, I promise you, you will have equal rights federally, across this great nation of ours.”

These words quickly established him as a rising star in the gay movement, a role Lavandeira has attempted to “establish” for himself — most notably in his obnoxious campaign against the equally obnoxious Miss California, Carrie Prejean, because of her stance on gay marriage. When someone like Prejean and Lavandeira are the spokespeople in the debate over gay marriage, we all lose. Posting those highly private, viciously leaked photos of a man who isn’t even a high-profile celebrity like Rihanna or Colin Farrell, and is primarily someone who just wants to do good in the world, is further proof that Lavandeira’s primary goal in life is not fighting for the rights of gay men, women, and teens, but to accumulate pageviews that eventually translate into dollar bills. [Huffington Post]