What Levi Johnston Should Really Do With His Life

Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin’s baby daddy, is leaving Alaska to become the family breadwinner. Well, at least, the teen father is using the excuse that he needs money to support his son, Tripp, as his reason for trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame by becoming an actor. He’s got an agent and is booking all sorts of exciting things, like a reality show and cameos in sitcoms. [MSNBC]

Since Johnston is a high school drop out, and he is kinda hot, this isn’t the worst idea ever. And we’d be the first to watch his reality show. But here are some other income generators he might want to consider:

  • Teach an abstinence education program at Gloucester High School
  • Be a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars”
  • Pose for an Armani underwear billboard with David Beckham
  • Design a line of redneck condoms
  • Write, direct and star in a movie called “Meet the Palins”
  • Start a nationally syndicated advice show for teenage parents
  • Seduce Kate Gosselin and become her househusband on a new show called, “Levi & Kate Plus 9″
  • Partner with Levi’s to make a line of jeans called “Levi’s Levis”
  • Sell his secret sex tape with Bristol
  • Become the new spokesman for the NRA
  • Start dating Kristin Cavallari on the next season of “The Hills”