Happy 64th Birthday, Suu Kyi!

On my second birthday I was standing in a chair, greedily reaching for the gifts laid out on a table before me, when the chair tipped over and fell on my leg. I hobbled around for a few days before the doctors realized my leg was broken. Worst birthday ever, right? Wrong! Suu Kyi, a Noble Peace Prize winner and pro-democracy activist, has spent almost 15 years under house arrest in Burma. So she’s had a ton of awful birthdays. Today, she turned 64, marking the 14th time she has spent her big day in detention. Her lawyer was allowed to bring her some chocolate cake, orchids, and a few birthday wishes from friends, family, and supporters. He also brought rice for her security guards. Too bad he didn’t put sedatives in their food. A few miles away, Suu’s supporters released 64 sparrows into the sky in honor of her birthday. The National League for Democracy sent out 10 doves and sang for her. Peeps posted vids on YouTube, Facebook, and other sites so no one would forget. Vigils, protests, gatherings, and concerts also kicked off in her honor. Even celebrities like Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and Madonna weighed in. Everyone hopes that the Burmese government releases her soon, but it’s not looking good. These corrupt jerkfaces are trying as hard as they can to make sure she doesn’t get out. [AP]

Check out this site to see what other people have done in honor of Suu’s 64th. Oh, and tell us about your wackest birthday in the comments section.

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