Concept Bindis: Um, Really?

Hipsters would call these concept bindis “art.” We would call them “ugly.” To begin with, we’re pretty sure the whole bindi/sari/Gwen Stefani thing happened in 1999 and stayed there. Second, how exactly, do you expect to be taken seriously when you have hair, cloth, or stones stuck to your face? The sets of body stickers by Face are each one of a kind, organized by themes, some of which are translatable like the Hot Topic set with a plaid circle and a glass bead with a fishnet pattern. Others, like the Space Bindi set are more esoteric with a half circle attached to yellow feathers and a tan teardrop. For the truly desperate attention-seekers, there’s also a set of reflective eyebrow stickers. Different? Yeah, you could say that. [$48, Face,]