Claudia Kishi, Style Icon

Hilarious nostalgic blog alert! “What Claudia Wore” discusses in great detail the fashion choices of Claudia Kishi, as depicted on the covers of one of my favorite young adult book series of all time, The Babysitters Club. Kim, the blogger behind “What Claudia Wore,” is totally obsessed with Claudia’s style, as I think all of us book nerds were during the ’80s. Claudia, who was Japanese, artsy, and addicted to candy, had some of the most fashion forward outfits of all time, which Kim discusses both via the descriptions in the books as well as the book cover illustrations. She also critiques the other babysitters’ outfits, from Kristy’s affinity for sweaters over turtlenecks, Dawn’s love of the “Texas Tuxedo” (that’s denim-on-denim, y’all), NYC gal Stacy’s pre-“Gossip Girl” attempts at prep, and all of the various looks that would totally be sold at Urban Outfitters in 2009. Some of the more hilarious commentary, after the jump…

“Mallory and Jessi, I’m sorry. I can tell this is really stressful for you both. With that said, enough with the ballerina hairstyles, Jessica. We get it. You’re the most dedicated 11 year old in the history of dance. You get up at 5:00 a.m. to practice in your basement every day. Mallory, never wear those colors together ever again. And get yourself to Lenscrafters because those glasses are atrocious.

Stacey, this may be the least “New York” you’ve ever looked. This is substitute teacher wear, Miss I’m So Very Sophisticated. Next.”

“Our Heroine [Claudia] needs to consider wearing longer shirts with her leggings. But I’m a kind soul and I can forgive (unless you’re Stacey). Especially since this outfit really sums up what The Kishi is all about: cowboy boots, wacky-ass patterns (her weapon in the war against normalcy!), side ponytails, and unattractive hats. (After extensive zooming, possibly also earrings the size of jar lids.) Work it out, girl. A+.”

“You’ll also note that both M[ary] A[nne] and Claud are wearing sandals that would not be out of place in the UO catalog. Claudia herself looks like she just stepped out of one of their editorials. Except maybe she should look more morose, and perhaps the UO stylists are not into side ponytails the way our girl is.”