Celebrities And Their Murses

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Looks like Paris Hilton is rubbing off on Cristiano Ronaldo. No, he doesn’t have the herp. But the soccer stud must have caught some of her fashion sense because, lately, he’s been seen carrying around what appears to be a Gucci clutch. Could also be he’s just European and that’s how he rolls?

I’m all for breaking gender fashion roles—women in menswear, men in pink. Hey, if you’re Scottish and the kilt fits, wear it. But I have to draw the line at murses. Come on, guys do not have that much to carry around. It’s not like they need lip gloss, tampons, or an emergency Tootsie Roll. Messenger bags, backpacks and briefcases are fine, but guys—leave the heavy lifting to us ladies.

Here are some celebrities “man” enough to carry a murse.

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