Oops! Britney Spears Mistakes Manchester For London

Lately, hot mess Britney Spears has been blabbing about how she’s doing better and feeling happy for the first time in a while being on tour. Well, Brit, you may not be in rehab with a shaved head — but you are still dumb. At a concert in Manchester, England, on Tuesday, Britney greeted her fans saying, “What’s up London?” Oops, she did it again. This is definitely not the first embarrassing blunder she’s made on the “Circus” tour. Take a look at some of these other moments that will make you flinch. [Metro UK]

In April, while she was performing “Boys” at a concert in Cali, Brit was wiggling her hips so hard she wiggled her tampon string right out of her underwear. At first, it isn’t that noticeable but by the end of the song it is dangling out for all the world to see. Bloody hell!

Britney has a history of not knowing where she is. A few months ago, 40 minutes into her concert in San Jose, she said, “What’s up Sacramento?” Why say it at all if you can’t get the city right?

After her performance of “I’m A Slave 4 U” in Tampa, the lights went dim and everyone cheered. But Brit was none to pleased. Forgetting, presumably, that the mic was on she announced, “My p***y is hanging out!” Talk about show and tell.

In May, a crazy fan jumped onstage while Brit was performing “Womanizer.” It’s a good thing she doesn’t actually sing at her concerts. The mic must have been off because, as you can see, she gets spitting mad. Her hand tweaks out like she’s about to punch the kid in the face and she starts screaming something. Whoa.

This is from a while ago—2006. But it’s amazing. Britney falling right on her butt during a concert in Japan. We aren’t sure exactly how it happened but it looks like she stepped of the edge of that confusing stage of hers.