The Men Folk Don’t Like the Doodle Bra, But I Do

I’ve been a little obsessed with the Doodle Bra since we did a post about it way back in March. And now, finally, mine arrived at the office a couple days ago after weeks of waiting. Oh, the intricate fantasies I had about all the ways my life would improve when the color-and-wash bra arrived and we became inseparable.For example, I’d be wearing the thing in a rain storm on the way home from work on my bike and my white shirt would be soaked all the way through, Doodle Marker colors seeping into the fabric. Then, as I’m arduously pedaling through the gale-force winds, tired but not beaten, a lovely fellow in an Aston Martin will pull up next to me at a stop light. Looking over, he’ll be sure to see that my chesticles are emitting all the colors of the rainbow. “Gee, I’ve never seen a girl like that before!” he’ll think. “Maybe there is such a thing as love, maybe there are magical boobs, maybe that wet-but-still-lovely-girl and her adorable retro-looking bike should spend the rest of their lives with me…” We’d then live happily ever after and he’d be cool with the fact that I don’t want kids or puppies and I’m not always that nice.

Anyway, I digress. The points is this: the Doodle Bra came, my roommate and I doodled on it, I showed it to a quickly terrified and baffled guy and it is a fabulous mess of the best possible variety.

Things started off badly when I realized that the 34D is more the size of a training bra than a grown up lady one and it would take about three Doodle Bras to cover one of my lady lumps. From there though, it was all uphill, a true example of wholesome, boob-related fun for the whole family.

Emblazoned with hearts, rainbows and all sorts of other really questionable things, my Doodle Bra was ready for action. Strapping it on as best I could, circulation thoroughly stifled, I took the thing for a test drive. Luckily, a self-sacrificing male friend was happy to participate in the viewing. As it turns out, guys aren’t so into rainbow bright, hand colored underwear. Maybe things would have been different if my roommate and I weren’t so unfailingly immature, drawing hearts, rainbows and, in two spots, the word “BOOBS.” Perhaps if I’d used the swirly stencils, the aforementioned man friend would not now think I’m a little “special.” Lucky for me, the Doodle Bra is wash and repeat-able and I plan to take full advantage of that feature. Wish me luck!