Russian Woman Restored Her Virginity Six Times

Once would have been more than enough.

A Russian woman, known only as “Natalia K,” allegedly underwent six hymenoplasties to “restore her virginity” for her husband.Apparently, Natalia’s husband was upset that he didn’t pop her cherry, so for their first wedding anniversary, she got a hymenoplasty. And then, despite doctor’s warnings, she got repeated hymenoplasties for six years in a row., a Russian news site, reported Natalia was hospitalized for “an unspecificed minor infection” due to a “weakened immune system,” although we’re unclear if that would be related.

A hymenoplasty, also called vaginoplasty or vaginal cosmetic surgery, re-attaches the hymen and gives a woman’s vagina the appearance of never having had sex before. Although the extremely controversial procedure is performed by cosmetic surgeons, critics (link NSFW) disparage hymen repair surgery for buying into the idea that a woman is more valuable if she is an “untouched” virgin.

We understand some cultures prize a virgin wife above all else, though we’re pretty speechless anyone would undergo this very intimate surgery even once. []