Quickies!: Dr. O’Malley Officially Leaving “Grey’s Anatomy”

  • A source told Us Weekly that T.R. Knight has officially left the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy” behind. [Us Weekly] — The source says he’s “had enough of ABC”, which is perfect, because I’ve had about enough of George O’Malley!
  • Hilary Clinton fractured her arm during a fall on the way to the White House yesterday. She will, as a result, no longer be able to join Angelina Jolie at an event for World Refugee Day. [AOL News] — Double ouch!

  • Lindsay Lohan allegedly tweeted that Justin Timberlake was cheating on his long-time GF, Jessican Biel, at a club. Lindsay claims it was hackers, but I just don’t buy that. [Metro] — Just because you can’t keep your own relationship afloat doesn’t mean you have to ruin everyone else’s, LiLo!
  • Comics Alliance responded with rage when the “Girls Guide To Comic-Con 2009” was released by the Los Angeles Times. [Comics Alliance] — The thoughtful rant, summed up: Girls who really enjoy comics don’t need an effing “Guide to Comic-Con,” and those that think they do should keep their stereotypes to themselves.
  • Have you always dreamed of being able to purchase sex toys from a vending machine? [Tres Sugar] — Yeah, me neither. Weigh in on whether you think the new invention is “hilarious” or “horrifying” at TrèsSugar.