Minx Nails, You Saw Them Here First!

Everyone has been talking about Minx Nails lately. The nail art was featured in a recent issue of Vogue and on “Today” this morning, but I have to say these “news” outlets are a little behind. The Frisky gave you the dish on Minx back in October, and even interviewed manicurist, Lisa Logan, who was responsible for Beyonce and Solange’s Obama nails that were popular during the presidential campaign.

Last week, I had the pleasure of getting my nails dipped in gold. OK, not really, but I got close. I had Minx Nails applied in gold on eight fingers and gold cheetah on two fingers. It was kind of weird to have a “dry manicure.” I had trouble remembering that my nails weren’t wet, even though I just had them done. I kept the Minx Nails on for a few days and found myself admiring them quite often. However, I don’t think they’ll replace my normal manicure — they’re more for special occasions. The pedicures, however, I could get behind. A Minx pedicure supposedly lasts three times as long as the manicure.