Katie Lee Joel And Other People Who’ve Disappeared Off The Face Of TV

After almost five years of marriage, Katie Lee Joel and Billy Joel (ahem, William) have filed for divorce. Now Katie Lee, who is 33 years younger than her soon-to-be ex, will disappear even further into the sunset. You probably don’t even remember that she was once the host of “Top Chef.” Yeah, I didn’t think so. That’s because she only hosted for one season, and viewers complained that she was too robotic. “Top Chef” won—they replaced Katie with Padma Lakshmi, who we love except for the fact that she eats and eats and never seems to gain any weight. But Katie isn’t alone. Check out these former TV hosts who were replaced right before their shows got epically popular.

  • Since 2003, Clinton Kelly has been the guy host on “What Not to Wear,” along with Stacy London. Everyone loves a cute, gay guy and he’s no different. But before this adorable dude played fashion police, Wayne Scot Lukas had the role. We only remember him for his crazy long silver hair, which he appears to have cut since then. [TLC]
  • The first season of “American Idol” was super popular, but it took another year before the show became an all-out phenomenon. Unfortunately Brian Dunkleman, Ryan Seacrest’s season one co-host, missed the explosion. Instead of sticking around, he fell into oblivion while trying to pursue his own performing career. [Reality TV World]
  • “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” wasn’t always hosted by Jon Stewart. From 1996 to 1998, Craig Kilborn manned the desk. But it wasn’t until Jon took over, and became more focused on politics and mocking the nightly news, that the show took off. Now we can all get our news in comedic form. And live happily ever after. [Wikipedia]
  • The reason Criag Kilborn left “The Daily Show” was to host “The Late Late Show” on CBS. For five years, Kilborn followed David Letterman on the late night lineup, but when he decided to depart in 2004 and Craig Ferguson showed up, “The Late Late Show” experienced an increase in viewership and even received an Emmy nomination. It seems like TV hosting might not have been written in the stars for Kilborn. [Wikipedia]