Hey Lindsay, She’s Just Not That Into You!

We’ve all been there: still in love with an ex and unable to let go. But I hope we haven’t all been as psycho about it as LiLo. The drama-prone beauty just can’t seem to move on from her former flame, Samantha Ronson. The writing on the wall has been crystal clear since the beginning of the year, but if “sources” are to be believed, Lohan can’t see it. Of course, the fact that they are off again and on again as often as Paris Hilton’s panties doesn’t help. Below are the top six moments which confirm that SamRo is more than a little uninterested in Lilo. Hopefully the starlet will catch this list and catch a clue.April 4, 2009: Sam orders security not to let Lindsay in to her sisters party at the Chateau Marmont in L.A. Lohan goes mental as she sees everyone from Sting to Paris Hilton breeze in. That humiliation would have been enough for anyone — but not Lohan.

April 5, 2009: Ronson changes the locks on her house. It was clear that telling Lohan to stay away didn’t register, so Ronson took action to bar Lohan away from the house they’d been living in together for months.

April 6, 2009: Sam lays down the third — and hardest smack down on day three: Ronson changes her Myspace status to “Single.” Lohan remains unfazed and spends the subsequent months following her ex around.

June 4, 2009: Sam leaves when Lindsay shows up: while DJing with her brother, Mark, at Bungalow 8, Ronson spots her ex. SamRo immediately leaves — and LiLo immediately follows her…down the street.

June 16, 2009: Although they have been seeing spending more time together, Ronson disses Lohan by attending a party at Bar Marmont where Lohan was specifically uninvited.

June 17, 2009: A “source” close to Samantha Ronson tells People that the DJ and actress are not even friends. “[Sam] let Lindsay back into her life as a friend, but now even a friendship seems impossible.”