Could Men-Only Subway Cars Become A Reality In Tokyo?

Men don’t always know how to keep their hands to themselves on crowded, rush-hour subways. In Tokyo, Seibu Holdings—the company that operates their trains—has set up women-only cars to prevent the morning commute from becoming a gropefest. But now, Seibu shareholders are asking the company to designate men-only cars, too. Why? So that women can’t falsely accuse guys of copping a feel. “While measures against groping, such as setting women-only carriages, have been effective to a certain extent, no measures have been taken against false charges of groping,” said the shareholders who’re requesting a vote at the annual meeting next week. “In the spirit of gender-equality, a male-only carriage must be introduced.” Seibu’s board of directors, however, isn’t so into this idea since only a few customers have made requests for male-only cars. [Reuters]Wow, so getting groped doesn’t have to be a rite of passage for a woman in a commuter city? Shocking. I hope Tokyo women know how good they have it. I and a few other Frisky writers have been touched inappropriately on public transportation. When it happened to me, I was only a teen and felt so outraged and violated that my body froze, except my mouth, which was spewing obscenities. Anyway, the guy was able to disappear into the crowd without any consequence. Still, I’m not for segregating men and women on trains—I’m for people keeping their damn hands to themselves and not invading my personal space. I know that’s a tall order to fill in our society, but I’d rather enjoy some male eye candy while I guard my body.