Cute Or Lame? Chase Crawford, Matthew McConaughey, And Robert Pattinson’s Dream Dates

We’re not so sure that “Gossip Girl” hunksicle Chace Crawford deserves to be People Magazine’s #1 hottest bachelor. But we were kinda entertained by some of the thoughts he shared in the interview—like that he had his first kiss in the firth grade, that he talks to his parents everyday, and that he likes a girl who can beat him at beer pong. Chace goes on to describe his perfect date. After the jump, we weigh in on it, as well as on dream dates described by Robert Pattinson and Matthew McConaughey. [People]

Want to win Chace’s heart? Just grab a six-pack and a pool stick. “All you need is a pool table, beer, an electric jukebox and good conversation,” he told People. Hmm, I don’t think Blair Waldorf would like real-life Nate very much, but I wouldn’t mind sipping on a cold one while Chace serenades me with oldies.
Date Rate: Cute
It’s obvious that Matthew McConahey is a low maintenance man, (practically a bum) so it’s no surprise that his perfect date would be as well. “I’d go to the movies, then we’d drive home and we’d tell each other what we really dig about each other,” he’s said. “Then I’d cook a little bit for my lady. I have three trailers so I’d take her back to one of them and barbeque. I love to barbeque.” Umm, there are many things wrong with this date. I’m stuck on the awkward “what I dig about you” drive home.
Date Rate: Lame
Although his “Twilight” fans are all about frenzy, Robert Pattinson likes to keep things chill. When asked to choose between an action-packed date and a romantic dinner, Robert chose to get close with an intimate meal for two. Yes, please!
Date Rate: Cute