American Apparel’s Most Skanktastic Looks

Sometimes we wonder if American Apparel isn’t just pulling our chain with each increasingly slutty product they put out. Some of these things seem like they were made solely to stir up controversy rather than for a profit. If that’s the case, Dov gets points for marketing smarts (which doesn’t effect his overall loss of points for being a total douchenozzle). Here, four AA items that outweigh the rest in terms of skankiness…

  1. As far as we’re concerned, mesh should die and forever rest in the fashion graveyard. Clearly this nylon spandex dress is all kinds of wrong, but the most ironic part about it is the long sleeves.
  2. Midrift for guys? No with a side of never. Steve Sanders called, he wants his third season look back.
  3. Wear this shiny bodysuit to your next audition for a B-grade porn movie.
  4. We’ve written about these assless tights before. Seeing them again makes us think this is a campaign for encouraging more butt sex.