Women Crash Into An IHOP After Dining And Dashing

Sometimes people do smart things. Like, really really smart. Take for example, this group of four women in Detroit. After a meal at the International House of Pancakes (please tell me they got the Butterscotch Rocks ‘cakes), these gals decided to skip out on their bill. They took off, a waitress chasing them out the door to get their license plate number as they piled into a Mercury Cougar. Then, the driver lost control of the car, and it went careening into…the side of the restaurant. Everyone ran. But then the driver had to come back to get her car and apologize for the incident. Turns out, she had $200 in cash in her wallet, and totally let her friends talk her into bailing.

The only time I’ve ever skipped out on a bill was when I kept (kept) asking the waitress for a check, and an hour later, she still hadn’t brought it. So I left without paying, conscience clear. Have you ever dined and dashed?