When A Brazilian Goes Bad

It’s beach season again. We’ve already helped you with the lazy girl’s guide to getting a bikini body, but no matter what shape you’re in, no bathing suit will look good if you’ve got a forest growing on your nether regions. A popular solution: the bikini wax, more specifically the Brazilian. Being a mix of Cuban and Italian, I know the importance of the not-so-enjoyable hair removal treatment, but was shocked to learn taking it all off could turn my beach trip into a trip to the hospital. Women who wax down under are susceptible to cellulitis, a potentially life-threatening bacterial infection.Bikini waxes leave skin inflamed, slightly torn, and more vulnerable—the perfect conditions for bacteria to take advantage of. Cellulitis can become so severe that the state of New Jersey almost banned Brazilian waxes after two women were sent to the hospital after bearing it all. You don’t have to avoid the Brazilian altogether, just be smart: go to a clean, I repeat, clean salon or spa and ask them to use a hard wax since it bonds more to the hair and less to the skin. Also, make sure your waxtress washes her hands and applies an antibiotic cream, like hydrocortisone, afterwards to prevent infection. And call your doc ASAP if you see any unusual growths.

If I’ve completely freaked you out try sugaring products instead, which is much nicer to your sensitive areas. Or just trim down the sides with a regular wax. Hey, a little hair never hurt anyone. [MSNBC]