The “New” Wedding Food Looks A Lot Like What We Eat At Backyard Barbecues

Weddings are just one opulent aspect of life that has gotten downsized during this recession. In an effort to at least make it look as though they’re not spending loads of dough on their wedding, more brides have been taking a “down home” approach to the ceremony and reception. The New York Times reports that more women are throwing backyard barbecue-like parties with pies instead of tiered wedding cakes, and slider burgers instead of salmon. This is cute and all, but more folksy weddings don’t actually cost less than extravagant ones. But, since we’re not really into excessive displays of wealth, here’s what we’d serve if we threw tradition (and smoked salmon) out the window…

Huge cupcakes! Cupcakes that are just a little smaller than the size of the plate with a mountain of frosting.

Gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They’ve been my favorite food since I was a kid, and it would make the day seem complete.

At my wedding, I would like to serve miniature pigs in a blanket.

I love places that let you make your own chocolate, so I would have a chocolate bar at my wedding where guests come up and choose their chocolate, whatever they want mixed in (berries, nuts, marshmallows, etc.) and have it made into a wedding bell-shaped chocolate dessert (like those bunnys at Easter).

I kind of want fried macaroni and cheese balls at mine.

I want a vodka ice sculpture luge in the shape of our initials (not that I’ll be able to read them after a few martinis).

My sister nixed the tradtional wedding cake, and instead had tiers of Crispy Cream donuts.

As long as there’s chocolate and champagne, it’s all good to me.

What quirky food do you want at your wedding?