Jewelry You Don’t Want To Inherit

How does Grandpa keep Grandma wrapped around his finger after all these years? With this ring for the family jewels. The gold band looks like your average man hand accessory, until you pop the onyx top and find the perfect hiding place for that little blue pill, Viagra. Hey, why let erectile dysfunction get you down, when this stylish piece can keep it up?Ew, that was even too far for me, the resident Frisky perv. I don’t know how senior citizens have found on the Internet, but consider jewelry-loving Simcha permanently traumatized. Even the manufacturer admits, “Anybody who wants to sell these is not right in the head.” Oy! How did something so good, like onyx and gold, go so horribly wrong? Let this be a warning to us all, especially nursing home employees, gold diggers, and peeps counting on a pawn-shoppable inheritance, there’s life in the old dog yet. [$12.99-$999,]

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