Take A Nap On The “Girlfriend’s Lap” Pillow

This ain’t your average throw pillow, ladies. Despite what the “Girlfriend’s Lap” pillow looks like, the makers swear there is nothing dirty about this lap pillow. If you are questioning what exactly you are looking at, no worries, you’re not alone. As the name suggests, you are indeed looking at a pillow in the shape of a woman’s legs made from urethane foam. I am not a foam expert, but apparently this kind of foam has a skin-like texture, so minus the lack of a torso you might never notice that you are taking a cat nap on a fake lap. Of course, the mini skirt does add that extra special dose of reality, so maybe not. What, you thought we added the mini? Oh no no, the “Girlfriend’s Lap” pillow comes with the polyester skirt, but you can strip it off, if you’d like. Perv.