Five Heartthrobs Who Broke Our Hearts With Their Bad Behavior

heartthrob pattinson jpg
I am devastated. I can’t take another heartbreak. Another wonderful relationship gone down the drain only to be replaced by pain and the fear that I will never find a heartthrob equally attractive. Oh wait, did you think I was talking about a real relationship? Nah, I am just mourning the latest heartthrob to develop a detestable habit.

Robert, how could you do this to me? Smoking! I can’t understand why you would throw away everything we will one day have for such a bad habit. Cigarettes are a dealbreaker for me for many reasons, but with you sweetie, it’s especially problematic. I am only with you for your amazingly hot bod and dazzling face, which cigarettes will ruin. It’s gonna be tough to give you up, but I think I will make it, if only because I still have Edward Cullen.

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