Fem-Tastic Drug Smugglers

With the Mexican military cracking down on drug trafficking, smugglers these days are having to get really creative. Take, for example, a group who stored a ton (literally) of cocaine inside shark carcasses, and when they got caught, tried to pass it off as a conserving agent. Yeah right, the only thing coke conserves is a big, fat hole in your septum. [Reuters]

We’ve always been interested in female drug mules. After the jump, some interesting ways women have found to try to transporting their product.Food for Thought: People have been known to hollow out bananas, stuff them with drugs, and then re-seal them. Another time, someone put weed inside a Devil Dog. And a woman in New Mexico even tried to bring heroin to her friend in jail inside a burrito. [Fox News]

Daddy Issues: Police arrested a 22-year-old mother after she tried to bring her father 15 grams of amphetamines and 46 ecstasy pills by putting them in her baby’s diaper. Talk about being a role model. [The Local]

Tough Break: In 2007, cops nabbed a woman with a “broken” leg in a Dutch airport after some sniffing dogs revealed that her cast was made of more than just plaster. An x-ray showed that her leg was not broken. But, she was busted because she was carrying 3.3 pounds of cocaine in that thing. [Way Odd]

Big Mess: Also in 2007, a Connecticut woman used an inserted tampon to bring 2.5 grams of heroin, some morphine, and a scalpel into a maximum-security prison. We just hope there wasn’t any, er, leakage. [Post Star]