Ever Wonder What The Inside Of Sienna Miller’s House Looks Like?

The U.K.’s Daily Mail just published photos of her two-bedroom boho, Moroccan, open-floor designed flat in Paddington, London. Apparently, even Sienna is being hit by the mortgage crisis, as she just slashed the price by £200,000. (No small hit, I don’t care which currency you figure it in. Not that I feel at all bad for her. She can’t sell one of her many million plus pound homes? Poor thing.) The bizarro highlight of the place is her mirrored, red-walled, Moroccan themed basement. Personally, it’s a little too S&M, naughty-closet feeling for me, especially with no water in the “sunken pool”——but who am I to judge, I live in 400 square feet of non-pool, barely a shower existence! [Daily Mail U.K.]