“Bikini Bug” Does Filthy Things To British Girl

Alexandra Heminsley thought she’d gotten lucky on her vacation to Africa: only one mosquito bite, and a tiny one at that. As it turned out, the small, red bump on the inside of her arm wasn’t so much a mosquito bite as it was a Tumbu Fly egg. Yes, an egg inside her arm. And what comes from eggs? Baby insects. And what do those baby insects do when they are born trapped under someone skin? Freak the f**k out.
Such was the case with Alexandra’s arm invader, which, after three days of intensely painful munching, ate its way out of the poor girl’s arm. If there weren’t a practical reason for telling you this, we wouldn’t have, that’s how queasy it makes us. But Alexandra’s arm infestation is actually not a terribly uncommon thing for people vacationing in the tropics. As her doctor told her while they were enclosed in a quarantine room at an English hospital, Tumbu Flies have a habit of laying eggs on damp clothing left outdoors. And if you put the clothing on soon after the egg has been laid, it will penetrate your skin, resulting in the disgusting ordeal that Alexandra dealt with after leaving a beach out to dry.

So next time you’re vacationing in Africa or some such place, resist all temptation to air dry that bikini if you don’t want a sickening little bug hatching near your vag. Instead, tumble dry or iron the hell out of that thing because the high heat will kill the unwanted guests. [Daily Mail U.K.]