Angelina Jolie And Hillary Clinton Work Together To Solve…

Angelina Jolie and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are making a joint appearance on Anderson Cooper 360 tomorrow night. The two women are apparently in cahoots on some undoubtedly serious subject. In an age where celebrities waltz into the UN more often than they walk the red carpet, and politicians twitter more than Ashton Kutcher, it’s hardly surprising to see the blurring of the lines between entertainment and politics. Still, Angelina and Hillary? It’s kind of an unlikely match. Something big must be happening (Hillary’s website says something about human rights?), so here are my four best guesses as to what they are really collaborating on.

  1. International Adoption: While this topic might not be “hot off the press” enough to merit their combined patronage, both women are invested in some aspect of the issue. Hillary is the freakin’ Secretary of State, everything she does is international this or that. Maybe she is bringing adoption into the limelight to improve relations with other countries or some other slightly offbeat scheme. Innovation is the name of the game in politics. As for Angelina and international adoption? Please don’t make me state the obvious. Kudos to you if you can even remember how many foreign kids she has adopted.
  2. Protect the Privacy of Marriage Bill: Not gonna lie, I made that bill up. But considering that both women have lived through incredibly public scandals concerning their romantic relationships, it’s not impossible to imagine that the two would team up to ask the press to leave their private lives alone. What makes Angelina and Hillary working together particularly compelling?: they were on opposite sides of the scandal. Hillary was the cheated on wife and Angelina was kissy-kissy with Brad Pitt while he was still with Jennifer Aniston. The two women coming together is almost bipartisan. It brings tears to my eyes to see such mutual understanding and cooperation.
  3. Gay Rights: Hillary’s position on gay rights has evolved/wavered over the years, but she is generally firmly rooted in the pro civil union camp. I don’t want to firmly say she supports gay marriage because I can already feel the potential onslaught of angry comments…but you get the idea. The New York Times is reporting that later today the Obama administration will announce that it is extending benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees. Hillary is a member of the Obama administration…Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are definitely pro same-sex marriage. Pitt has gone so far to say he won’t marry until everyone in the world who wishes to do so can legally tie the knot and Angelina is bisexual. Hill and Angie together equals great TV. It would be even better TV if they made out, but I am not betting on it.
  4. The Value of Dressing Conservatively: Poor Secretary Clinton is always getting slammed on for her sense of style, or lack thereof. Personally, I think that’s ridiculous because where would the pantsuit be without her? Nowhere. Just because she isn’t as stylish as Michelle per se doesn’t mean she should get bad press over it. Isn’t it better that she meet the President of Where Ever Land in a dowdy outfit rather than an inappropriate one? Angelina probably feels Hillary’s pain after this year’s Academy Awards. Ms. Jolie was booed for her “boring” black gown. OK, maybe it wasn’t as fashion-forward as Anne Hathaway’s sparkly number, but Angelina was hot. The dress was simple, but the arm candy and the ear baubles were to die for. These two women might have reached out to one another to commiserate and then decided to fight for their right to dress conservatively, even if they are both liberals.