Your Favorite Actor Makes Way, Way More Than Your Favorite Actress

Earlier this year, things were looking up on the gender pay-gap front. First came the news that women were up to making 80¢ for every $1 a man makes doing the same work—not great, but a big improvement from just a few decades ago. Next, Barack Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter bill ensuring that women can sue when they realize they aren’t making the same amount they’d make if they had something dangling between their legs. Then came the news that, in the horrific economy, men were being laid off in much bigger numbers then women. Together, all these things made the playing field sorta seem like it was being leveled. But alas, there is still one industry where women make a measly 50 cents to every $1 a dude makes. Yep, Hollywood.

Forbes Magazine has released it’s yearly round-up of the highest paid actors and actresses. Will Smith took top honors—he banked about $80 million last year. Johnny Depp came in second, earning $72 million. Evidently studios didn’t get the memo that Eddie Murphy is a has-been, because he rolled in $55 million. The list goes on just like this—sadly, not a single lady made the top 10. Overall, the top ten guys made $487 million, while the women made $244.5 million collectively. Still a ginormous amount, yes. But a gross discrepancy. [