The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Getting A Bikini Body

Around April, the ladymags start touting bikini body promises. And each April, you pick up a magazine, firmly resolved that this is the year that you will plan ahead and get in shape, so that by the time June rolls around, you’ll be beach ready. Oops, it’s June now, and you have neither worked out regularly or cut carbs or whatever this year’s fad is. The truth is, we at The Frisky are more about living life to the fullest (carbs and all), and we admit to being less than regimented about our gym schedule (although more power to you if you can get there more than the three times a week we shoot for). Yet, we also admit that it’s normal to have a panic attack before putting on a bikini. Here, some quick fixes that aren’t necessarily answers to your problems, but may help you feel more confident walking out on the beach.If you have…

  1. Two weeks. Hit the bike. And no, not the one you lazily pedal around the park. Going to spin class is one of the few workouts that can give you both cardio and toning in 45 minutes, advises Julie Rice, a partner in SoulCycle, a spinning studio in NYC. There, people start to see results after a few weeks, because the process works your entire body (SoulCycle incorporates a few minutes of arm weights, too). If just the thought of spinning makes you tired, consider why people become addicted: the high-energy workout releases endorphins, which makes you feel super happy afterward. And while you might not think a spin class is for “lazy girls,” consider that it’s only 45 minutes out of your day, during which you sweat more than you thought was possible in such a short time, and burned 600 calories. []
  2. Five days. By now you’ve probably heard of the wonders of juice cleanses. The truth is, they work. The other truth is that their effects are temporary. Blueprint Cleanse is one of the few companies that ships juices nationally (or delivers if you live in Manhattan). The best part about Blueprint, is that the juices are actually pretty great. A cleanse usually comes with a few juices from greens, as well as a lemonade, cashew milk, and pineapple mint mix. If you need to eat a salad, too, it’s not the end of the world. Many people also notice that their skin brightens up after a cleanse. Choose a three day cleanse, and eat healthy the day before and after (salads, fruits, veggies, etc), and you’ll definitely notice a loss of water weight and decrease in bloating. [Blueprint]
  3. One day. Oh no…you have to go to the beach tomorrow? If you’re truly desperate, shell out the cash for a body wrap, like the new Fatgirlslim treatment at Bliss Spa (locations throughout the U.S.). The detoxifying process with firm you up through grapefruit essential oil and a trouble-spot-targeting seaweed task mask, but will really take off a few pounds through the heated heated wrap, which will sweat out some bloat. Just don’t go eating saltines afterward. [Bliss Spa]