British Vogue Editor Puts In Her Two Cents On The Size Zero Debate

Yet another person is weighing in (sorry, I couldn’t resist) on the so-called “size zero debate,” and those of you who are tired of looking at girls who can count their vertebrae in magazines will love this. British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman sent an angry letter yesterday to a bunch of leading designers and fashion houses telling them that the clothes they were sending her magazine were just too freakin’ small. Only anorexic gals can fit into these teeny tiny garments, she says. And she went on to confess that her team often has to retouch photos just to make the girls look slightly less skeletal. [Metro UK]Sarah Shotton, head designer of Agent Provocateur, chimed in after hearing from Shulman. She’s pissed at modeling agencies that send her “girls so thin we have to ask them to leave.”

I like that people are speaking up, but Shulman still has a long way to go. She says her concern about uber skinny models has nothing to do with their health, and more to do with the fact that her readers are sick of seeing it, which strikes me as a tad bit twisted. Does she think starving yourself is healthy? Yeah, because smoking isn’t bad for you either. Still, at least she’s trying to do something.

Super-thin, anorexic-looking models have been controversial for a while, but they became a seriously hot topic in 2006 when model Luisel Ramos, 22, died of heart failure while changing clothes during a show at Uruguay’s fashion week. Doctors said she was starving herself, not drinking enough, and taking laxatives. Then, a few months later, Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston—who lived on just tomatoes and apples—dropped dead, too. In response, Madrid Fashion Week banned models with a body mass index of less than 18. Italy followed suit during Milan Fashion Week, but officials in Paris were like, “Hellll no.” [Independent]

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