Sex And Drugs At Cirque Du Soleil

Yes, I buy American Apparel clothing from time to time. No, I am not a fan of their ad campaigns—I refer to them as “hipster porn.” When I heard about their sleazebag CEO, Dov Charney, and his alleged sexual indiscretions with employees, I was even less motivated to spend $50 on assless tights. But I am a longtime fan of Cirque du Soleil and their amazing combo of acrobatics, dance, and performance. So I was kind of shocked when I heard about the new unauthorized, tell-all biography, called Guy Laliberté: The Fabulous Story of the Creator of the Cirque du Soleil about Cirque’s impresario. Apparently, he adds a whole new meaning to the term “circus freak.”‘ Could this clown be the next Dov Charney? [Independent] Guy Laliberté, the once-penniless street performer who is now planning a $35 million dollar trip into space, plans to sue Transit Publishing for releasing this unauthorized biography written by Ian Halperin. He’s demanding immediate withdrawal from stores, claiming that this book—which depicts him as a bed-hopping d-bag with an insatiable appetite for sex, drugs, and rock and roll—contains false allegations. The claims? Orgiastic, Bacchanalian, celeb-studded parties. Think hookers, drugs, and hedonism. “Everything you wanted was available at Guy’s parties,” said Myra Jones, a Milan-based model. “Drugs, the best music spun by famous DJs flown in from Europe and the USA, and the wildest sex you could ever imagine.” Question: Were there costumes involved? And trapezes?

Halperin claims that Laliberté brought in busloads of prostitutes from his native Montreal for these parties, which were attended by the likes of Robert DeNiro and Sir Paul McCartney. “It was beyond crazy; it was complete insanity for hours. Everyone was so beautiful and so free,” said Angie Everhart, a Playboy model. But there is one part of the book that has gotten Laliberté especially riled up. A quote from is ex-girlfriend, Rizia Moreira, a Brazilian model who is the mother of three of his children. “He’d come home after sleeping with other women and have sex with me,” she dished. “If he had told me, I never would have had sex with him.”

Halperin is not happy about Laliberté trying to bully his publisher. “We intend to fight this vigorously and take this as a gross infringement on freedom of the press,” he told the New York Post. “Everything in my book is true and can easily be proven. If he continues to harass me, I will launch a slander suit.” This should get interesting. But I’m wondering—will I ever be able to watch a Cirque show with the same awe and wonder again, or I will I only be able to think about the after-show orgy in the green room?