We’re all a little bit crazy. I know I am. After battling a bout of depression in my teens, going through therapy in my 20s, and ultimately becoming a happy, more well-adjusted person, I decided to get my masters in psychology. Why? Because people are endlessly fascinating and complex. So I get a little too excited watching shows like “Intervention,” “Obsessed,” and “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.” Sometimes my friends make fun of me, pointing out that I am the one who is “addicted” or “obsessed” with these shows. Laugh all you want, but I don’t watch because I get off on other people’s problems. I just think it’s important to have empathy for what other people are going through. I watch to be a better person, darn it. And that’s why I am so psyched that VH1 has created a new reality series that follows people who have obsessive-compulsive disorder. The still-untitled “OCD Project” will follow a group suffering from severe forms of the disease. They’ll live together for several weeks in a treatment facility and undergo both individual and group treatment. Executive producer JD Roth hopes the show “will be another example where regular, everyday people afflicted with severe symptoms take their lives back from an out-of-control situation and inspire viewers to do the same.” Kind of like “The Biggest Loser,” which his company is also responsible for.

Chances are, this show will be enlightening and great television. Did you ever see that episode of MTV’s “True Life” called “I Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?” It blew my mind watching that chick Morgan attend a fake funeral for her mother as part of her “exposure therapy.” I’m hoping for situations as extreme as that here. Seriously, I can’t wait. In a world where we spend so much time gawking at celebrity breakups and nude photos, I applaud VH1 for taking it up a notch. [Celebitchy.com]