Is Lindsay Lohan A Kleptomaniac?

British cops want to question Lindsay Lohan about $400,000 worth of Dior jewelry that went missing after a photo shoot she did for Elle Magazine. They don’t think she took the expensive bling, but she was the last person seen wearing the stuff. [NY Daily News]

But I’m not so sure—Lindsay always seems to be hanging around when goods are ganked, and this isn’t the first time Lindsay has been caught stealing up in a theft-related incident. Check out the very circumstantial evidence after the jump.

  • In May 2008, LiLo allegedly swiped an $11,000 mink coat from a Columbia student whom she was sitting next to at a nightclub in New York City. Before Lindsay showed up at the swanky spot, she was sporting a black jacket, but later was spotted wearing this sexy fur. They owner of the coat, Masha Markova, thought it was lost forever, but demanded it be returned after seeing Lindsay rockin’ it in a magazine. A few days later the coat showed up at Masha’s apartment, reeking of cigarettes and booze. [NY Post]
  • In 2007, model Laura Hastings accused Lohan of entering her house and taking $10,000 dollars worth of clothes, bags, and shoes. Witchy Lindsay, along with Samantha Ronson and Nicole Richie, had a good ‘ol chuckle while Laura asked for her stuff back via text message. Evil Nicole called Laura fat and said they were going to cut up all her stuff. She also told her if she got the cops involved, she’d be sorry. [The Dirty Disher] — Wow, if being a bitch were a crime, these girls would be convicted felons.
  • Nicole Richie wasn’t laughing a few years later, when her fiance was seen snuggling up with Lindsay at a party in L.A. Apparently LiLo tries to steal her friend’s boyfriends too. Frantic, Nicole tried to call her hubby, but he wouldn’t answer his phone, so crazy Richie threw hers against a wall. [Star Magazine]
  • Oh, but that’s not all. Lindsay allegedly stole Kelly Osbourne’s purse at a GQ Magazine party at Frank Sinatra’s Los Angeles mansion. [The Insider] — If I were 90-pound Lindsay, I would not mess with a girl whose dad once bit the head off a bat.

Now that you’ve heard the evidence, you be the jury: Is Lindsay a kleptomaniac?