Herve Leger Swimwear Is Questionable

I recently heard that the Herve Leger line by Max Azria now includes swimwear, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I flipped through the designer’s 2009 summer swimsuit collection online, but to my surprise, a swimsuit was no where to be seen. Asymmetrical straps, I saw. Oddly placed constricting bands of fabric? Yes. Funky colors? Mmm-hmm. But none of the designs would be wearable on the beach, in a pool, or really, in public — period. Art, they may be. Bathing suits, they are not. Is that the point?

I’m not sure, but I’m certainly confused. Just getting any of the Leger swimsuits on seems like it would pose quite a challenge. Paying for one would be an even more difficult feat. And achieving normal tan lines? Well, that would be impossible. So why, why, why, would Azria decide to build pieces of clothing that nobody can wear?

Maybe he should stick to designing dresses. Those seem to be a bit more practical (except for the minor detail that they cost thousands of dollars).