DIY Nail Art Makes Manicures Fun

I remember the days when manicures were fun. More often now, it seems like a burden and an expense when I look at my hands and go, Ugh, I need a manicure so bad. So, when browsing the drug store the other day, I was tempted by this package of nail gems by Fing’rs (creepiest name ever). Pretty certain that I am the worst manicurist ever, I doubted that I’d be able to pull of the creation, but I found it shockingly simple. To make things easier on yourself, pre-select the gems you want to use, spreading them out on a piece of paper. Work up a thick coat of polish; apply the first coat, let dry for a minute, then apply a second coat, allowing it to set up for about 30 seconds. Using a tweezer, drop your designs into place and maneuver them using the wooden stick provided or the tips of your tweezers. This part is surprisingly forgivable because the thick polish lets you push the jewel into place without messing up the entire nail. Once you’ve got your nail art in place, cover it with several thick coats of clear nail polish. After the jump, a few of my decorative ideas. [Fing’rs]

  1. Try placing dainty pearls on the edge of your nail for a 3D French manicure effect
  2. My favorite arrangements are the understated ones on my ring and index finger—single gems that make an ordinary nail job special.
  3. If you have patience, fill up your entire nail with jewels. If you don’t, just go half-way.
  4. With a single gem, try using contrasting colors, so it stands out.
  5. A deconstructed flower design seems less traditional than a girly bud in the center of the nail.

If you want to get really creative, take some inspiration from Valley, a New York City nail salon that specializes in ghetto-fab manicures. There’s a gallery of designs on their website.