Charity Buzz Lets You Buy Time With Celebs, For A Good Cause

Sometimes celebrities are really generous and help save orphans and build houses for poor people and stuff. And many of them are volunteering their time for this website, which auctions off time with celebrities for donations to the celebrity’s charity of choice. We like this idea, because you can hang out with your favorite star without incurring a restraining order! On the website right now: a Daytona/NASCAR weekend with Patrick Dempsey (current bid: $7,250); a visit to the set of “Five Killers” to meet Ashton Kutcher (current bid: $850); and lunch and a tarot card reading with Cyndi Lauper (current bid $6,444). [CharityBuzz]

Sure, it would be an awesome opportunity to put your seduction of McDreamy plan into motion, but we’ve got ten better ideas that we hope Charity Buzz will take to heart. Here’s what we’d like to bid on:

  • Get adopted for a week by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
  • An hour of uncensored yelling at Spiedi through a one-way mirror
  • ’90s Makeover party with the entire cast of “Clueless”
  • Dinner at the Scientology Center with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
  • Drinks followed by a pole-dancing lesson with Paris Hilton
  • A trip to a private French nude beach with Johnny Depp
  • Day-long vampire role-playing game with Robert Pattinson
  • Fashion makeover and diet lesson with Karl Lagerfeld
  • Breakfast and bungee-jumping with Oprah
  • Naked cooking lesson with Jamie “Naked Chef” Oliver