Bust Out Your Action Moves In The Tactical Corset

Hiiiiiya! You’ve heard about the life-saving purse and the real miracle bra, but now one manufacturer has dared to wonder: Ladies, are you sick of carrying a giant bag and wearing an underwire brassiere while you fend off bad guys? Well, then Foxy Brown, your day has finally arrived thanks to the Tactical Corset. This part purse, part bra, part bullet proof vest is not your great grandma’s corset. It zips on and comes with built-ins like a lipstick case, handcuff pouch, pistol holster, a whip slot, and a pepper spray holder all to help you fight off the men who will want to jump your bones once they see you in this functional little number! A woman has always got to be prepared for a variety of action. [Fark]