Baby Gender Mentor Kit Is A Rip-Off, Say Moms

The Baby Gender Mentor kit seemed like a godsend to expectant mothers who wanted to know the sex of their babies before the delivery. The mothers shelled out $25 for the kit and $250 for results. But the company couldn’t deliver on its promise. Although it promised 99.9 percent accuracy, the Baby Gender Mentor kit inaccurately concluded the sex of six infants. The moms have filed a lawsuit in New York City because they say they were stiffed out of a promised 200 percent refund, and the incorrect results severely impacted their lives. Two moms, who were told to expect boys, said their nurseries and infant clothes were for the wrong gender. One of the two mothers also started calling her daughter by the boy name she had picked out and said when she gave birth her family was “disappointed” it was a girl. Another woman, whose name ironically is Keven Duffy, said knowledge that she was going to have a girl contributed to the end of her marriage because her “husband wanted a boy very badly.” I don’t condone companies ripping off consumers, but I think this serves these women right because some things should be left up to chance. Duffy’s marriage was probably in the toilet before she became pregnant, and if the sex of his child can make a man leave, then he probably wasn’t a keeper anyway. People should just adopt if they want some kind of guarantee about the sex of their baby. [NY Daily News]