Who Will Be The Next Kate Moss?

Today, the Daily Mail U.K. asks, “Is Emma Watson the new Kate Moss?” Hold up a minute there! That’s a pretty heavy crown to even think about bestowing. After all, the person to take Kate Moss’s place has some big shoes to fill. It must be someone who has staying power, room for supreme f**k-ups, the ability to rebound, and be a trendsetter for life. Clearly, Watson is a fine contender, having already started in Kate’s Burberry footprints. Yet, we’d like to put some other ladies in the running for becoming fashion’s holy grail. (This could be a great celeb reality contest.)New Kate MossDakota Fanning, like Watson, seemed to grow up overnight, especially when she and her legs appeared on Letterman last February. The 14-year-old star is already dipping her toes in the fashion pool, having made in appearance in Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2007 ad campaign, and setting the blogosphere afire with some edgy looks like a black jumpsuit. Like Moss, Fanning has got that super skinny physique, which (unfortunately) makes us think she could be prone to some eating issues and breakdowns, as this would only help her case. However, the fact that Fanning has managed to get to her mid-teens without trouble is a sign that she’ll stay away from sensationalism and potentially morph into more of a high-brow Gwyneth type.
New Kate MossIf Lourdes Ciccone Leon, Madonna’s first born, doesn’t become the new Moss, she’s at least destined to be perpetually ranked in GQ and Maxim’s hottest women lists. While we know Madonna to be a protective mother, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Lourdes launch her modeling career in the next few years. Her fashion sense isn’t safe, which makes her a standout in the group. Plus, knowing her mother’s troubled reputation with men, you can be almost certain Lourdes will latch herself onto several no-good Pete Doherty types in her lifetime. (Oops, we forgot to include the stipulation about having a deadbeat boyfriend and still being cool somehow.)

New Kate MossAshley Olsen has shown that she can embody Moss’s versatility. Moss’s success comes from her multidisciplinary approach to fame, something that Ashley understands from designing high-brow and budget clothing lines, acting, writing style books, and still maintaining the Mary-Kate and Ashley video empire. While her other half, Mary-Kate, has been the one to cause more fashion gossip, Ashley is a more likely successor because of her classic style that’s Moss-like already with her layered, boho looks.

New Kate MossWe have to place Taylor Momsen at the bottom of the list, but still acknowledge that she has a shot because she turned so many heads with her “Gossip Girl” style. For Momsen, it’s more about her ballsy attitude that could take her quite a way. If she lands a campaigns or two in the next few years, she could easily be on her way to a Vogue cover by the time she’s 21.