Where To Meet Him: Charity Fundraisers

This month’s Elle Magazine has kind of a good idea. Rather than logging on to Match.com or waiting to bump into a hottie at the grocery store, start scoping men at charity fundraisers. Why? Because if they care about a cause you do, then you already have something in common and an easy way to start a conversation. And since they had to buy a reasonably expensive ticket to get in, they’re bound to be a little more together than the guy you’d meet at your local dive bar. And, hey, if there’s no one there to your liking, no biggie—enjoy yourself and know you’re supporting a good cause. While I’m not saying to go to fundraiser events as a way of boyfriend shopping, I am saying that if you get an invite to a gala or come across something you’d like to support, it may not hurt to test the waters. [Elle]