Quickies!: Designer Alber Elbaz Is Bringing Back The Power Suit

  • Designer Alber Elbaz was so inspired by Glenn Close’s “Damages” character, he’s basing a new line of power suits on her. [NY Mag] — I hope Hillary is reading this!
  • Adam Lambert is borrowing Lady Gaga’s producer, RedOne, to help him with his new album. [Perez] — We just hope Lambert doesn’t borrow Gaga’s style, as well.
  • Congrats to Megan Fox, who has learned that sex sells. [The Sun] — Yes, Megan, baring your legs from hip to toe while flaunting perky breasts will get you noticed. Congrats on figuring that one out!

  • Brangelina dropped a lot of moolah on a piece of art last week. So to show the world they weren’t selfish spenders, they also donated $1 million to a hospital in Brad Pitt’s hometown. [Pop Eater] — Aww. The power couple can do no wrong.
  • Is it possible to be both a good dad and loving husband? We think so! Find out how one baby-daddy fared when he became a stay-at-home father. [Your Tango]
  • Good things come in small packages; here’s a list of tiny gadgets that rock. [Asylum] — OMG. That croc baby is to die for.