Marriage License For Two Men In NYC Is Revoked

Same-sex marriage bans just got stupider: two New Yorkers just got their marriage license revoked after city officials say they were snookered into believing the bride was actually a groom.

The would-be bride, Hakim Nelson, 18, identifies as a woman and hopes to undergo gender reassignment surgery. When Nelson married 21-year-old Jason Stenson on May 26, she not only wore an orange dress, white leggings and a $10 wedding ring, but also carried a state ID card that said “female” on it. (The official who issued the state ID assumed Nelson was a female.)But once city officials discovered that both Nelson and Stenson have a penis between their legs, that was the end of that. The couple’s license has been revoked and the pair has since been registered for a domestic partnership.

Sigh. We understand why the city had to revoke their marriage license—laws are laws. But the whole story still underscores just how discriminatory this country can be against anyone who isn’t straight—in NYC of all places! [New York Post, New York Post]