Enema Bag Jewelry

Whoa! Weird alarm bells are screeching in my head. Enema bag jewelry, oh yes, it exists. Luckily for our health, safety and noses, these pins and earrings are only inspired by the stinky enema bags. These, um, unique accessories are made from bronze, sterling silver and copper, so if you wear them and people run away from you, you can chase after them and tell them you are not a safety hazard. As far as artistic representation goes, I guess the jewelry is an accurate likeness to the medical device, eerily so, in fact. And yet, somehow I just don’t feel like sporting metal poop-bags on my lobes. I know butts are in right now, but they aren’t that in. If you bravely don enema bag jewelry you might discover that they are great conversation starters, or conversation killers. [$80, Luna Parc]

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