Decode My Dream: Why Does Brandon From “90210” Haunt My Dreams?

“For some bizarre reason, Jason Priestley (aka Brandon Walsh from “90210”) has been a recurring character in my sex dreams since I was a teenager. Sometimes he’s the one I’m having sex with—I remember one dream in high school where we were doing it in the rain by some lake. It got really muddy and messy, but it was still hot sex. Sometimes Jason just makes a quick appearance. More recently, I remember a dream where I was getting it on in a bar bathroom with my boyfriend at the time (P.S. I am the kind of person who is disgusted by the idea of any physical contact in a bar bathroom), and right in the middle, the door swings open and there’s Jason! He was like, “Oh, sorry,” awkwardly and shut it again. But still, why is he always there? Yes, I’m a big “90210” fan, but in truth, I am much more of a Dylan lover than a Brandon girl. What does this mean?” – 90210 Girl
One thing I always look for in dreams are your personal associations to the symbols—what they specifically mean to you. In your case, the three most important symbols in this dream series seem to be:

  1. Jason Priestly (aka Brandon Walsh)
  2. Luke Perry (aka Dylan McKay), even though we never see him
  3. Uncomfortable sexual experiences

These dreams seem to be about fantasy vs. reality in your love life—what you want vs. what you seek. Moving from your teenage fantasy (P.S. “90210” is the perfect show to represent teenage fantasies because it is the quintessential high school drama) to adult reality, you seem to be asking yourself, “What kind of guy am I looking for?” and “How do I feel about love and sex?” And the answers never seem to be totally matching up. In both dreams, there is an interesting juxtaposition between what you want and what you have. So, you tell me you are totally a Dylan girl, but Brandon is always there. You tell me you don’t like nookie in a bathroom, but that’s where you’re getting’ it. On the show Brandon is a good guy—the kind who works for the student newspaper, always does the right thing, and votes Republican. Meanwhile,
Dylan is the bad boy, alcoholic with mountains of problems. So, I know off the bat that you are attracted to guys with tattoos who ride motorcycles, but your subconscious seems to be saying that you’ll need a Brandon to ultimately make you happy. In real life you may be doing the Dylans, but in your dreams you wanna do Brandon. In other words, you’re choosing the wrong dudes.

In your first dream, you were doing it with Brandon by the lake. So your unconscious was trying to tell you that you should go for the good guy, who you weren’t paying attention to in your waking life. You were also doing it in a kind of public place and you seemed okay with it, but the mud suggests that, at the time, you still may have had an underlying “dirty” feeling about sex. Sounds like you were asking yourself, “Is sex sacred to me?”

In the next dream you were getting it on with your ex in a bar bathroom. This time, you were older and your teenage fantasy was replaced with a guy from your real life. Judging by what you told me about your bathroom hang up, you were most likely not feeling that make out session. Again, the question came up “How sacred is sex?” A bathroom is supposed to be a private place where you’re alone. The fact that your BF was there lets me know that you really let him into your private inner world. I’m thinking that you were totally evaluating if this BF was Mr. Right. The message? Your Brandon is still out there; in fact he’s just walked in…to the bathroom. Ditch that Dylan.

A word of advice, 90210 Girl. It’s time for you to allow your feelings and actions to match up. You’re all grown up now, and high school’s over. You know what type of guy you need to satisfy you in every way. Brandon keeps coming around to remind you—he’s out there…waiting for you.

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