Daddy Issues: Can Women Who Have Great Dads Date Older Men?

I love my dad. Dorky though it may be, he’s one of my favorite people and I can’t imagine my life would be as good with any other one. I do, however, have one complaint: really liking my dad has totally screwed me in the dating department.

Aside from the standard complaint that most of the morons I’ve gone out with just aren’t as likable as my dad, I’m also borderline incapable of dating much older men. I can’t help but make skeevy involuntary associations. We all know that having a useless or absent father will often result in a mean set of daddy issues. But I’m also convinced that most women who’ve had great relationships with their dads have a difficult time dating much older men, even when said men are bizarrely compatible in spite of the age difference.

While some–like my mom–might say that this isn’t such a bad thing, I’m thoroughly convinced that every girl needs to have an Old Man stage. But every time I try to get mine started, I fail miserably, slinking away from those thirty to forty-year-olds right quick. Even when the guy is in his early thirties and thus not really old enough to be my dad unless he was particularly mature and super trashy, I can’t stop making the requisite comparisons between the guy and my actual dad.

And you know what? My dad’s got better hair.