The Many Feuds Of David Letterman

As you know, David Letterman’s been getting a lot of flack for opening up his trap about Sarah Palin and her family. He won’t shut up about it. She won’t shut up about it. And obviously we can’t shut up about it. So after the jump, I’d like to take you on a trip down memory lane to reminisce about some older Letterman feuds that people also couldn’t shut up about.

  • Letterman’s “sexiest” feud was with Madonna. In 1994 she appeared on “The Late Show,” and from the minute she walked out — clutching a pair of underwear she kept asking him to sniff — it was a downhill, wild ride. Madge did not contain her notoriously potty mouth, called Dave a “sick f**k” and asked him if he’d ever “smoked endo”, a slang term for marijuana, or had ever urinated in the shower. When her segment was over she refused to leave the set, causing the producers to cut to a third, unplanned commercial break. When Dave finally returned to air, he joked that the show had been canceled due to Madonna’s behavior. They later “made up” by appearing together as presenters at the MTV Music Video Awards and have been pals ever since. [Wikipedia]
  • For 16 years, Oprah Winfrey was not David Letterman’s biggest fan. No one is positive where the feud began, but many speculate that it was in 1995 when Letterman made fun of Oprah’s unique name while hosting the Oscars. But all was made well in 2003, when Oprah appeared as a guest on ‘The Late Show’ to promote the musical ‘the Color Purple,’ which she produced and was coincidentally having its run in a theater across the street from Letterman’s CBS studio. [People] ––Yet again Oprah teaching the world a lesson: forgiveness!
  • When GOP Presidential candidate John McCain canceled his appearance on Letterman last minute, we learned that the talk show host does not play nice. McCain claimed he needed to be back in Washington to work out economic issues, but Letterman knew it was a lie. To prove a point, Letterman somehow got access to a live CBS News Feed showing McCain during the time he would have been appearing on ‘The Late Show’ being done up to appear on ‘The Evening News’ with Katie Couric. Rather than prove a point, Letterman’s gambit caused a big fuss among CBS execs. [Newsbusters] ––Oh, the sweet vindication of calling someone out on their lies!
  • For years Letterman has not exchanged the kindest of words with conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly. The best of which might have been this past March when Letterman called O’Reilly a ‘goon’ right to his face. Credit is due to O’Reilly though because unlike Palin, he has stepped up to the plate (multiple times) to go head to head with Letterman. [Huffington Post] ––But really, what a silly silly fool.
  • And of course, it wouldn’t be a list of Letterman feuds without mentioning his timeslot rival until recently, Jay Leno. For more than a decade the two late night hosts competed for viewers. While Leno ultimately took the crown in the final years, proving that NBC made the right choice back in 1993 to hire Leno, Letterman put up a hefty fight pulling in millions of viewers nightly. By the looks of it, the CBS-NBC feud is still hot and heavy as Conan has already stepped in to fill both Leno’s timeslot and Leno’s battle against Letterman for viewers. [NY Times] ––Round 2. ‘Nuff Said.